Original Title: EDIFICIO ROYAL
Shooting Format:  2K, Widescreen Color
Sound:  5.1 Dolby Digital

Locations:  García Building, Barranquilla

Language:  Spanish
Duration:  89 Minutos

Genre:  Black Comedy

Countries:  Colombia, Venezuela, France

Production Houses: Lunar City, Produrama NorthSouth and Cinema South Promotion
Year:  2013

A Sunday like any other. A Building in decay. An embalmed corpse in the middle of the dining room. A picture of Tom Cruise in a family portrait. A plague of cockroaches waiting to break out. The unexpected visit of a health inspector. A concierge trying desperately to save face, for a landlady who sees everything through the cards of the Tarot, without understanding anything. All things that happen, On a Sunday like any other, In the BUILDING ROYAL.

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