Shooting Format:  2K

Genre:  Drama/Comedy

Language:  Arabic

Duration:  96 minutos

Countries:  Palestine, France, Germany, Colombia, Norway, Qatar, United Arab Emirates

Production Houses:  JBAproduction, Cactus World Films, Metafora Productions, Klinkerfilm, Ciudad Lunar, Ape&Bjørn, Snow Globe Film y Schortcut Films.

Year:  2017

Abu Shadi is a divorced father and a school teacher in his mid-sixties living in Nazareth. After his daughter’s wedding in one month he will be living alone. Shadi, his architect son, arrives from Rome after years abroad to help his father in hand delivering the wedding invitations to each guest as per local Palestinian custom. As the estranged pair spend the day together, the tense details of their relationship come to a head challenging their fragile and very different lives


Official Entry of Palestine – Premio de la Academia a la Mejor Película Internacional.

  • Premio Especial del Jurado, Premio del Jurado Joven
  • Premio Don Quijote – Festival de Cine de Locarno
  • Best Film Festival de Cine de Mar del Plata
  • Best Film Festival de Cine de Dubai,
  • Best Film Festival de Cine de Washington
  • Best Film Festival de Cine de Kerala y
  • Best Film Festival de Cine de Amiens
  • Ganadora de 23 Premios Internacionales
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